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Our Work Stands Apart

The Ballard Group, Inc. (TBG) has a 40-year track record of designing successful systems for projects that span a wide spectrum of scope and type. Our experience with new builds, renovations, and remodels in a wide array of commercial buildings give us a wide scope from which to understand what works in today’s construction.


We are committed to providing energy-efficient mechanical and plumbing system plans for every project we design. We have designed many LEED (Leader in Energy Efficient Design) Certified buildings for Recreation & Wellness Centers, K-12 Schools, University Facilities, and Municipal Buildings. Regardless of an owner’s plans to get their building certified or a municipalities’ code, we will design the most energy efficient system available for the allotted budget.  We are proud of our green-design history and are proud that we have included energy-efficiency as a mainstay in our designs from the outset. Designing with the utmost energy efficiency, including Net-Zero goals, is a strong motivation for TBG.

TBG has developed three (3) niche markets over the years:  Education, Recreation & Wellness, and Medical. These markets have provided us many long-term working relationships in the industry with owners, architects, engineers, and construction firms.

One thing is obvious when specialized mechanical design is needed: it is difficult to find qualified people to design projects that have unique requirements.  Each of these markets poses very different engineering criteria. K-12 schools are built and/or renovated under tight, predetermined time and budget constraints. University facilities typically serve multiple functions within one building and often tie new mechanical systems into pre-existing campus heating/cooling, or specifically request the latest innovations for energy efficiency. Recreation & Wellness Centers require a solid understanding of humidity and dehumidification in the natural climate of the facility.  Medical projects demand very definitive settings for acceptable temperature and humidity, as defined by Code, as well as microbial filtration and cleanroom environments.


Designing for each of these specialized building types provides valuable lessons that we apply to other projects. We don't limit ourselves by "specializing" in one or two building types. We feel strongly that our diversified experience makes us better engineers for all of our clients.


Additional project types that we have a strong history with include:


  • Libraries, Museums and Performing Arts

  • Commercial Facilities (Office, Retail, Manufacturing and Warehousing) 

  • Restaurants & Commercial Kitchens; Multifamily, Mixed Use, and Hospitality

  • Municipal (Local, State & Federal)

Regardless of the type of design, we understand the importance of working within a strong design and construction team. We design each system to work within the anticipated system workload so that it functions well, meeting the owner’s and users’ expectations for years to come.

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