Recreation, Wellness, Health & Community Centers

Recreation, heath, wellness and community centers are one of TBG's niche markets.  We concentrate 30 - 40% of our workload to these facilities on an annual basis. Our work includes new builds, additions, renovations and remodels of existing buildings. We have completed over 270 recreation center designs over the last 10 years, and more than 400 over the last 20 years. We have designed multiple projects that have received LEED Gold or Silver Certification.


These properties are very complex from a mechanical standpoint and require extensive knowledge of humidity control, proper temperature ranges, heat gain from occupants in varying levels of exercise, odor control, and control of the corrosive characteristics of chlorine and other pool sanitation systems. They can be quite diverse and include fitness and weightlifting areas; natatoriums with swimming pools for pleasure, wellness or competition; gymnasiums; fieldhouses for any number of typically-outdoor sports including football, rugby, soccer, la cross, tennis, etc.; indoor gaming like pool, table tennis, arcade games, etc.; gathering areas for functions large and small; and any number of specialty areas designed specifically for a certain facility, such as worship halls, music practice and recording spaces, performance halls, and conference rooms. The only thing that limits the activities that can be done in these buildings are the needs of the people who will use it.


The following representative projects reflect our attention to the unique requirements of Recreation, Wellness, Health and Community Centers.


Please note:  This page is not yet completed.  The projects contained here are only a small representation of those completed by The Ballard Group, Inc.