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The Ballard Group, Inc.

Colorado State University
Anderson Academic Training Center

An addition to the Moby Arena the Anderson Academic Center includes about 6,500 square feet of study area and private tutoring rooms, including a computer lab, 8,000 square foot weight training area, and 1,500 square feet of hallways and weight room offices. The addition connects to the Moby and Fum McGraw athletic offices building. Campus steam was extended to this building, reduced to 15 psi, and converted to heating water through 60% redundant shell-in-tube heat exchangers. A condensate return system returns condensate back to the Campus condensate line utilizing a steam-powered condensate return unit. A rooftop unit with a hot water coil and integral DX cooling is used for air distribution and cooling.

This project attained LEED® Gold Certification.

About this Project

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Fort Collins, Colorado

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