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The Ballard Group, Inc.

Our Legacy

The Ballard Group, Inc. (TBG) has built a remarkable 40+ year legacy of designing highly successful systems across a range of projects. Our expertise spans new builds, renovations, and remodels in various commercial buildings, empowering us with a deep understanding of modern construction practices.

At TBG, we are unwavering in our commitment to delivering energy-efficient mechanical and plumbing system plans for every project we undertake. Our extensive portfolio boasts numerous LEED (Leader in Energy Efficient Design) Certified buildings, including Recreation & Wellness Centers, K-12 Schools, University Facilities, and Municipal Buildings. Whether an owner aims for certification or complies with local codes, we prioritize designing the most energy-efficient system within the allocated budget. Our proud history of green design demonstrates our unwavering dedication to incorporating energy efficiency as a cornerstone of our designs. We are motivated by the opportunity to design with utmost energy efficiency, even aiming for Net-Zero goals whenever possible.

Over the years, TBG has carved out three distinct niche markets: Education, Recreation & Wellness, and Medical. Through these markets, we have fostered enduring relationships with owners, architects, engineers, and construction firms. These specialized sectors present unique engineering criteria, and finding qualified individuals capable of designing projects with specific requirements can be challenging. K-12 schools, for instance, must be built or renovated within tight time and budget constraints. University facilities often serve multiple functions within a single building, requiring seamless integration of new mechanical systems with existing campus heating/cooling infrastructure, or an emphasis on cutting-edge energy-efficient innovations. Recreation & Wellness Centers necessitate a profound understanding of humidity and dehumidification concerning the facility's natural climate. Medical projects demand meticulous temperature and humidity control, as defined by stringent codes, alongside precise microbial filtration and cleanroom environments.

Designing for these specialized building types equips us with invaluable insights that we apply to all our projects. Rather than limiting ourselves to one or two specific building types, we embrace the diversified experience as a catalyst for engineering excellence across all client engagements.

Our extensive history encompasses a broad array of additional project types, including Libraries, Museums, Performing Arts venues, and Commercial Facilities (Office, Retail, Manufacturing, and Warehousing). We have successfully delivered solutions for Restaurants and Commercial Kitchens, Multifamily and Mixed-Use Developments, and Hospitality establishments. Furthermore, our expertise extends to Municipal projects at the local, state, and federal levels.

Irrespective of the project type, we recognize the utmost importance of collaboration with a robust design and construction team. We meticulously design each system to operate seamlessly within its anticipated workload, ensuring optimal performance and meeting the long-term expectations of owners and users alike.

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