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The Ballard Group, Inc.

Bert Baiotto


Bert Baiotto is a Principal at The Ballard Group who holds the key positions of Principal-In-Charge of Mechanical Engineering, Project Manager, and Lead HVAC Engineer. With an impressive tenure since 2004 and 20 years of comprehensive experience, Bert brings a modern and innovative perspective to his multifaceted role. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Colorado, embodying the highest standards of professionalism.

Collaborating closely with his associate Principals, Bert plays a pivotal role in establishing cutting-edge HVAC system building design criteria. He actively contributes to space planning, ensuring optimal functionality and performance, while also delivering energy-efficient mechanical designs that exceed owner expectations while remaining within budgetary constraints. From the initial stages of Schematic Design through the meticulous process of permitting and Construction Documents, Bert assumes full responsibility for designing state-of-the-art mechanical systems for new construction, upgrades, and renovations. His unwavering commitment to excellence is reflected in his submittal reviews, comprehensive site observations, and detailed reports to the project owner, assuring every project aligns flawlessly with our design standards.

In addition to his design expertise, Bert is a skilled project coordinator, adept at collaborating with owners, architects, and other engineering disciplines throughout the design and construction phases. As a leader, he supervises and oversees the work of HVAC engineers, ensuring the highest level of quality control for designs created under his responsible charge. Bert's keen attention to detail extends to providing exceptional construction administration services. Moreover, he possesses an unmatched ability to troubleshoot and assess existing mechanical systems, offering innovative solutions to enhance their functionality.

Bert's primary focus lies in projects where The Ballard Group assumes the role of Primary Consultant, contracted directly to the project Owner. While this position is traditionally held by architects, Bert has proven our ability to fulfill the unique needs of the project as the Prime Consultant. This approach allows us to deliver projects on time and within budget, a critical factor when collaborating with public school districts.

As the Prime Consultant, Bert leads numerous projects for K-12 schools, with a particular emphasis on Denver Public Schools (DPS) and Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS), as well as the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). The Ballard Group enjoys the status of an approved Prime Consultant for these entities, demonstrating our exceptional capabilities. Additionally, we are sought after by architects who subcontract our expertise to provide mechanical engineering services for additional DPS and JCPS projects.

Bert Baiotto's exceptional leadership, innovative mindset, and unwavering dedication to excellence continue to redefine the landscape of modern mechanical engineering. His ability to seamlessly integrate diverse project elements and deliver exceptional results sets him apart as a driving force within The Ballard Group.

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