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The Ballard Group, Inc.

Eric Baalman


Eric Baalman assumes multiple pivotal roles as the Principal-In-Charge, Project Manager, and Lead HVAC Engineer at the esteemed Ballard Group. Since joining our organization in 2013, Eric has accumulated 12 years of industry experience, providing him with a wide range of industry experience to draw on. He has been a licensed engineer in Colorado since 2017.

As a key member of our Principal team, Eric collaborates in establishing the HVAC system building design criteria, actively participates in systems planning, and assumes responsibility for delivering energy-efficient mechanical designs that consistently align with the unique expectations and budgetary considerations of each project. Eric's dedication extends to fostering fruitful partnerships with architects and owners throughout every phase of the project design process including encompassing assessments, master planning, design implementation, and construction administration. Recognizing the significance of meticulous attention to detail, Eric upholds the belief that effective communication among all stakeholders within the project team is paramount to the sucuess of the project. He ensures that each project endeavo to surpasses the owner's expectations while adhering to our team's stringent design standards.

Eric's primary focus centers on serving the Medical, Commercial, and K-12 markets, wherein his expertise has been consistently demonstrated. His impressive portfolio encompasses an array of notable projects, including new construction ventures, architectural renovations, additions, code compliance upgrades, and the replacement or retrofitting of mechanical equipment spanning a diverse range of sizes and scopes.

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