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The Ballard Group, Inc.

Matt Doll


Matt Doll is an instrumental figure in our Fort Collins office, serving as the Principal In Charge of mechanical engineering and Lead Project Engineer. Matt initially joined us from 2000 to 2005 and returned to our team in 2010. He possesses an impressive 28 years of engineering experience and is a Licensed Professional Engineer in Colorado and Wyoming and is a LEED Accredited Professional.

Collaborating closely with his associate Principals, Matt plays a pivotal role in establishing HVAC system building design criteria, actively contributing to space planning, and spearheading the development of energy-efficient mechanical designs that align with owner expectations and budgetary considerations. From the initial stages of Schematic Design to the intricacies of permitting and Construction Documents, Matt takes charge of designing cutting-edge mechanical systems for new construction and upgrades. He diligently provides meticulous submittal reviews, conducts comprehensive site observations, and delivers comprehensive reports to the project owner, ensuring the project aligns with our rigorous design standards.

As a seasoned professional, Matt excels in project coordination, seamlessly working alongside owners, architects, and other engineering disciplines throughout the design and construction phases. He assumes a leadership role in supervising and overseeing the work of HVAC designers, engineers, and draftsmen, ensuring the highest quality control for designs drawn under his charge. Additionally, Matt offers invaluable expertise in construction administration services, further ensuring the successful implementation of our projects.

Beyond his day-to-day responsibilities, Matt is renowned for his troubleshooting capabilities and ability to provide expert assessments of existing mechanical systems, offering practical solutions to enhance their performance and efficiency.

Matt and the Fort Collins office proudly provide exceptional engineering services to the north-central region of Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska while offering design expertise that extends beyond these areas. Recognizing the evolving demands of the industry Matt remains attuned to the latest building codes and regulations. The current building codes in Larimer County, particularly in Fort Collins and Loveland, prioritize energy efficiency with specific provisions focused on achieving net-zero energy usage in select new buildings.

With Matt Doll's invaluable contributions, The Ballard Group, Inc. continues to redefine the landscape of modern mechanical engineering. His expertise, commitment to excellence, and extensive experience make him an integral part of our team, driving innovation and exceeding client expectations.

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