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The Ballard Group, Inc.

Peter Failla


Peter Failla is a dynamic and forward-thinking professional who serves as the Principal-In-Charge of Mechanical Engineering, Project Manager, and Lead HVAC Engineer at The Ballard Group, Inc. With an impressive tenure since 2006 and 20 years of engineering experience, Peter brings a modern and innovative approach to his role.

As a licensed Professional Engineer and a LEED Accredited Professional, Peter is at the forefront of designing energy-efficient mechanical systems that align with owner expectations and budgets. Collaborating closely with his associate Principals, he plays a key role in establishing HVAC system building design criteria and contributes to space planning, ensuring optimal functionality and performance. From the initial Schematic Design phase to permitting and Construction Documents, Peter takes charge of designing new and upgraded mechanical systems, leaving no detail overlooked. His commitment to excellence is evident as he provides meticulous submittal reviews, conducts comprehensive site observations, and delivers detailed reports to the Owner, ensuring that projects are built following our exacting design standards.

Peter's expertise extends beyond design. He excels in project coordination, working seamlessly with owners, architects, and other engineering disciplines throughout the design and construction phases. As a leader and mentor, Peter takes pride in guiding and developing young engineers, sharing his extensive knowledge, and fostering a culture of growth within the firm. His exceptional command of mechanical engineering principles is complemented by his ability to communicate the rationale behind design elements and technical intricacies of mechanical systems.

In addition to his role as Principal-In-Charge, Peter also dedicates his expertise to troubleshooting and providing comprehensive assessments of existing mechanical systems, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

Peter Failla's exceptional leadership, technical acumen, and dedication to mentorship have truly set him apart as a Principal of The Ballard Group, Inc. His ability to guide the direction of design and effectively communicate complex concepts makes him an invaluable asset to our team and clients alike. Through his visionary approach, Peter continues to shape the modern landscape of mechanical engineering.

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