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The Ballard Group, Inc.

Thomas Ver Straate


Tom Ver Straate is the Principal In Charge of Mechanical Engineering and Project Engineer at The Ballard Group, Inc., spearheading our modern and innovative approach to mechanical engineering. With over 33 years of extensive engineering experience, Tom joined our team in 1999 as an HVAC Project Engineer and has since risen through the ranks, demonstrating exceptional expertise and leadership.

As President since April 2004, Tom has played a pivotal role in shaping the success of our firm. His contributions span various areas, including establishing HVAC system building design criteria, space planning, and delivering energy-efficient mechanical designs that align with project expectations and budgets. From the initial Schematic Design stage to permitting and Construction Documents, Tom leads the design process, ensuring meticulous attention to detail. He conducts thorough submittal reviews, site observations, and provides comprehensive reports to the owner, guaranteeing adherence to our design standards throughout construction.

Collaborating closely with owners, architects, and other engineering disciplines, Tom effectively coordinates projects, leveraging his expertise to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. He supervises and oversees the work of our HVAC engineers, ensuring the highest quality standards are met. With his responsible charge, Tom provides valuable input and quality control for designs, ensuring flawless execution. Furthermore, he contributes to construction administration services and excels in troubleshooting and assessing existing mechanical systems.

Tom's impressive portfolio boasts over 450 projects where he has designed mechanical systems. In addition, he has supervised and overseen numerous new builds and renovation/remodel projects, encompassing a wide range of sectors. Among these achievements, he has contributed to the successful completion of 45 commercial buildings, 160 medical facilities including hospitals, medical office buildings, clinics, and laboratories, 140 K-12 schools, 15 university buildings, and 60 assessment/troubleshooting reports, among many others.

Tom Ver Straate's expertise, combined with his commitment to delivering cutting-edge mechanical engineering solutions, has been instrumental in positioning The Ballard Group, Inc. as a leading force in the industry. With his leadership and dedication, we continue to push boundaries and exceed client expectations, setting new standards for modern and professional mechanical engineering services.

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